About Me


My name is Hayley and I am the owner of Rose Garden Cattery. 


The cattery has been established here in Iris Avenue since 1988, and I have currently been here for seven years. I am married to Joe and have two children Alice and Harry. 


I have six cats of my own and have been surrounded by cats all my life.  This was my dream to run a cattery, and I feel truly blessed to be doing a job I adore.  I have five Persian cats Peanut, Woody, Buzz, Barney, Ted and a tabby moggy Rocco who decide to move in with us two years ago who we love dearly.


The main aim of my job is to make sure my guest have a stress free stay and I treat all by boarders as if they were my own cat’s. 


I have a great knowledge of cat behaviour and illness related conditions passed on to me by experience and the very close relationship I have with my vet who actually boards her cats with me. 


I am very confident in being able to quickly pick up on any problems which can arise and be able to deal with them efficiently myself or of course seeking veterinary help, my own cat Barney is asthmatic and requires daily puffs on his inhaler and steroid tablets, and my older cat is in early kidney failure so requires medication, both are under good control.  I am used to giving insulin to diabetic cats, thyroid tablets, heart tablets, antibiotics by mouth or injection , and feel confident that if your cat requires medication you can be certain he or she will get it.  I also understand that our oldies have their little accidents and are not made to feel naughty that they have missed the tray or messed their beds its nothing a clean-up can’t put right.


My family are convinced I am cat mad but nothing gives me greater pleasure than spending my day surrounded by these four legged friends that give so much back , I love their different personalities, the challenging ones who I make it my mission to win over before they leave ! And my favourites are the old tatty ones that remind me of a much loved teddy bear .


Finally I hope your cats enjoy their stay and more importantly you enjoy your holiday knowing that your cats are in safe hands being loved as much as they would at home.

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