The cattery is situated in a lovely peaceful garden, surrounded by lots of well established plants and flowers and an array of bird life.   Clients often comment how calm their cats are when they pick up and once home it’s like they have never been away.  I regularly check the cats throughout the day.



I am licensed by Bexley Council and regularly inspected by the Royal College of Veterinarian Surgeons .



I have Pet plan Insurance for your cats whilst they board.



The housing is of wood construction, with shower proof roofs and each pen has its own individual concrete run.  Cats from the same family can be housed together.  Each pen has a bed area with heated bed’s in the winter months, with a separate litter tray area underneath, and a dark area for the shy cats.  I supply nice soft fleecy blankets but welcome owners bringing items that smell of home for their cats to have an added bit of comfort.  I use wood pellet cat litter, unless a cat refuses to use it then I have other types at hand.



All cats are fed twice a day, with fresh water daily.  I keep a huge variety of named brand wet and dry cat food as it is most important that your cats eat the same food as they have at home.  We will discuss this prior to your stay.  Cats on prescription diets or fancy foods will be required to supply their own.  I supply all food bowls.



Administered when required.